We get calls like this regularly. More often than not , it’s the chimney.

The client sees water in the attic, or on a ceiling in an upstairs room. Sometimes they’ve had the roofer over a few times with no success. When we check these chimneys out, we will see hair line cracks in the joints between the bricks. Cracked bricks will also be seen. Flashing may have blown loose from the wind. The chimney may not have a cap over the top. Rain can pour down the flue lining at the top of the chimney and find its way into the house.

The remedy: A chimney tune up. We seal the small cracks with a high performance silicone. Larger cracks are cleaned out and repointed with new mortar. Flashing is repositioned and held in place with stainless steel screws. A stainless steel cap is installed if needed, or the existing cap sealed to keep out rain. Finally, we apply water repellent.

This process solves most problems with chimneys in solid condition. 

All the best!