These days we are bombarded with advice about everything.

The sources are endless as well the subjects. Seems like everyone is an expert these days, doesn’t it?  To be fair, there are many experts with real life experience who provide excellent advice on subjects such as how to manage our money, business, fitness, kids, homes, stay organized, etc.

Who should we listen to, though?

One way to filter through all this should be to look at who is giving this advice. I believe in listening to people with real life experience. Time spent in the trenches, learning from experts who have been there, done that. In fact , this is one of the best ways to accelerate our progress in life, by tapping into others expertise. We can avoid making all the mistakes they have made to get where they are.

But do we always do what we are told to do? We agree with our expert, we say we will get started right away, then we don’t. Often, we need a coach or mentor to guide us. Eventually, we decide to pay for help achieving our goals, or project.

Why do we do this?

I believe it’s because we commit our time and energy to something we are invested in. We equate paying our hard earned cash with value. You need to invest in yourself by hiring an expert to get the whole picture of what can be. Someone to listen to your concerns,Project plans,  goals, etc. This person can be a guide as you move toward your goals. Helping you realize a little progress every day really adds up over time.

Will you go it alone or ask for help and make a real investment in your business , home and life?

All the best!